Friday, January 30, 2009

Honolulu Phone Book

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Reflected Sky, below

"You can't understand Barack until you understand Hawaii." Michelle Obama

"No place else could have provided me with the enviornment, the climate, in which I could not only grow but also get a sense of being loved."
U.S.A. President, Barack

Proud maintanence man

Aunties at the Royal Hawaiian.

“A day without Aloha is just another mainland day."
Buck Buchanan

The Honolulu Phone Book is very interesting! All the unique local names, and the many ethnicities represented, never fail to draw me in whenever I pick it up. Now who or what was I searching for? Oh well, look at all these “Makekau’s” “Manabog’s” “Manuel’s” “Masuda’s” “Ming’s” “Mook’s” and “Moon’s!” . . .A L O H A! Cloudia