Saturday, February 14, 2009

Begins Today

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Morning Full Moon

" The more I think about it, the more I realize that there is nothing more artistic than to love others."

Vincent van Gogh

"Sensual pleasure passes and vanishes, but the friendship between us, the mutual confidence, the delight of the heart, the enchantment of the soul, these things do not perish and can never be destroyed." Voltaire

"The human mind treats a new idea the same way the body treats a strange protein: it rejects it."

P.B. Medawar

Forty years ago, the lyrics of a song called "Aquarius" brought the dawning of the new age into our collective awareness:

"When the Moon is in the seventh house
and Jupiter aligns with Mars.
Then peace will guide the planets
and love will steer the stars. . ."

At dawn today 14th February the Cosmos actually embodies this perfect alignment!

Some folks believe that this event will help us to actualize our collective longings for love, and true peace.

That it heralds the actual dawning of a real "Age of Aquarius!"

Astrologers, and others, believe that this alignment carries the opportunity and energies to help us to heal the schisms that have separated us for so long; That it favors collective humanitarian movements and the co-creation of social justice.

Perhaps we can finally begin to experience this "Shift" throughout our world.

Finally, the old paradigms will really begin to give way to hope, to practical altruism and to the inspiration that each of us cherish. . .

At 7.25am on 14th February - and for the 18 minutes of the alignment - you are invited to add your own best intentions for love, peace, and cooperation; To be a co-creator of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius in whatever way feels appropriate for you.

You may choose 7.25am (UT) or 7:25 am your own local time to join the energizing wave of intention that will surge around our Earth.

I'm so happy to share this with YOU.

A L O H A! Cloudia

Thanks & Aloha to astrologer Jude Currivan PhD: