Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My 30 Years Younger Twin

Aloha - Welcome - Come Inside ;-)

Click on Photos to Enlarge! "I always bear in mind that my mission is to leave behind me the kind of impression that will make it easier for those who follow."

Marian Anderson

"I demand a life, not a lifestyle, for everyone!"

Cloudia *Blush*

Da Yellow Hibiscus of Honolulu

"Man (sic) is what he thinks about all day long."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I remember the cold water flat. All mine. At end of day, I could repair to my stacks of books, terrarium and experiments in living.

This was many years before "The Secret" but I was lucky enough to stumble across Dr. Joseph Murphy's gem The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (Prentice-Hall, (c) 1963). I'm happy to see that he's back in print.

I was intrigued by his idea that what we plant in our subconscious, blossoms in our lives every day.

Last night, lying in my bunk as the spouting waters of Waikiki rocked me to sleep, my mind ran back to those old days of radiators, frozen toes, and untamed anxieties.

How, turning off the lamp, all those years ago; lying Dr. Murphy's book aside, I settled back and wondered about the power of

my subconscious.

As I tried to say affirmations back then

(purely as an experiment

in the privacy of the dark)

I found I could not simply state:

"I am beautiful. I am loved and liked. I have enough of what I need."

Even the experiment felt fraudulent.

A huge resistance welled up within


"You are beautiful?!" "You are liked?!" You are happy with your life?!"

That was my first lesson

in the power overwhelming of




Slowly I saw (don't look away!)

the fearful





back then


Last night I remembered

how I used to close my eyes

in that cold water flat in February,

and how assiduously I imagined

Hawaii and myself




I felt myself,

really felt it then

true in my subconscious:

lying in Waikiki

rocking to sleep

in the arms of the life I have made.

In that moment last night

I was both:

the adolescent in the walk-up,

cooking up another existence,

and now I'm the lady

living it.

We smiled across the gulf.

You GO girl

A L O H A! Cloudia

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