Sunday, May 31, 2009

Susan Boyle - ing

Aloha! C'mon in.

Just Duke Kahanamoku dancing with the Queen Mum. He was a poor Hawaiian kid from the Waikiki Neighborhood.

But he grew up to enchant everyone he met.

Consider our friend Susan Boyle

“Normal is in the eye of the beholder.”
Whoopi Goldberg

Can't see these enough, can we?

But where were we. . .

Oh yes, back to average folks. . .

like you and me.

Duke went on to Olympic gold and also introduced the modern world to surfing.

This is his statue, always posing with visitors.

And there are always lei!

And now, let's do talk about our friend Susan, emblem of the moment. She surfed in on the zeitgeist.

At first, she looked like another "meal" for the judges. Someone we the public could pity and feel superior to. (C'mon, this is just you and me being honest. In threatening times like these, it's comforting to realize that we're not QUITE the biggest loser around, isn't it?)

We've all been identifying with the so called "winners" for too long, trying to pass as one of them. But all those formerly "elite" types have been recently un-masked as clue-less haven't they? All those geniuses who broke their glittering toy, the "system" that treated them so very well indeed.

And now, as we're all chastened along with them, and the smoke begins to clear, we look around us with fresh eyes.

And who do we see?

We see Susan Boyle.

We begin, perhaps, to realize the previously unappreciated treasure that resides in the "average" folks all around us. . . in ourselves.

Some spell has been riven. We and our fellow folk are revealed to be the true ground of humanity, the real plot line of the human story.

A bi-racial fellow, raised by a single mom in an apartment, on a tiny island, is now our U.S. President.

Yes, we average losers seem poised and ready to emerge as the "next big thing," changing the game, saving the show.

Just like Susan Boyle

A L O H A! Cloudia