Friday, June 26, 2009

Slaying Dragons

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Shel Silverstein

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Here Be Dragons

I found a poem,

translated from the Chinese by fellow blogger Teresa,

that really spoke to me after this week's spectacle of frail human beings being confronted by seemingly over-mastering forces like their governments or the economic situation.

There is, I have learned, something stronger than mere apparent worldly power. That when a final accounting occurs, slain heroes will be honored, even as bullies are at last shamed and punished.

And somehow, that "final accounting" is not far off, but very real and alive even here & now. The Kingdom is indeed at hand. When we reach out we can feel it:


By Jiang Pinchao

Translated by Teresa Zimmerman-Liu

Edited by Brian E. HansenPublished in June Fourth Tiananmen Massacre Twentieth Anniversary Memorial Booklet

In the tree-breaking storm
you cared for the flowers
among the thistles in my path.
You did not avoid the thorns but
threw petals before me.
In my difficulties
I was lonely,
I needed understanding and support.
Your handshakegave me what I lacked.
We did not speak at our solemn parting but
your eyes brimmed with pity, love, sorrow.

High walls, electric fences, guard towers,
blocked the desolate road ahead,
machine guns aimed at my thoughts, but
I know my responsibility.

When I am lost
I will remember your eyes.
When I feel lazy,

I will recall your hand’s touch.

I will remember.
I will rejoice.
I will ponder.
I will fight.

In this desolate wilderness
when life gave me a bitter drink
you allowed me to taste sweetness.
On this precipitous mountain roadwhere some would cut off my freedom
you whispered, “They are evil.”
On a freezing winter night
when history would lock me in a cold prison
you gave me a flame for warmth.

At the end of my life
I will have a rich harvest.
On this glorious journey
history will see a new dawn.
My fatherland will see
a day of democracy, a day of freedom,
a day of prosperity, and
I know this new day

will come because of you
because of your handshake.
As a zealous patriot for my fatherland
I etch your name
into the corner of our memorial.

March 23, 1990, Hanyang, China