Friday, July 24, 2009

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A L O H A !
Glad to see YOU, Friend ;-)
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See the tan hill, behind the white building with the red roof,
in the lower right corner? That is the Pu`u (hill) O' Kaimuki that we visited before:

This is the view from Pu`u O Kaimuki looking
Mauka (mountainward) toward Wilhelmina Rise.

Here (from the top of the Pu`u) we look down
on the adjacent fire house tower.

On top of the Pu`u, we feel close to Diamond Head
that looms like a protective big brother-hill.

View from Wilhelmina rise makai (sea-ward) towards Diamond Head;
But where is the Pu`u? Where's the fire house tower capped with red?
Hint: The top photo is taken from the same perspective as this one.
Click on the photo to enlarge, then look at the lower-right area, and you will be at the top of this post!
Circular logic, eh?

From below, the mountains look just like toys don't they?
From the mountainside, the land below appears just as diminutive.
Things that appear so OBVIOUS to us, appear very different to those standing elsewhere.
Let's spend as much time trying to see through the eyes of the "other"
as we do trying to convince the "other" of our
All a matter of Perspective!

A L O H A! Cloudia