Sunday, August 16, 2009

40 Years Ago This Weekend

I had my ticket. . . But when you got there, you didn't need one.

So I saved it all these years.

Yes, I know where I was

40 years ago

this weekend. . . .

It was a day and time when those of us who looked different, who had long hair and dressed differently were vilified and subject to rudeness, and even violence. We always seemed to be outnumbered. Suddenly we found ourselves in the largest crowd that anyone had ever seen. And it was US! None of us self-described "freaks" had dreamed that there were this many of us!
There was no sanitation, no hot food, or violence. Just people who looked like us and who wanted to celebrate
Music and Love.
What's so funny about peace, love, and understanding anyway?

Looking at footage of the crowds gives me flashbacks for sure! We were certain that the world was changing. It has in many ways. My eyes fill with tears, and I can't believe that it was 40 years ago. In some ways it seems like centuries ago. But it all goes by so fast!

Don't doubt that a single loving witness may tip the balance for good; The more loving world we thus create, becomes a new balance.

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Aloha, Cloudia
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