Thursday, August 27, 2009


A L O H A!
C I A O!
Eh! Click-a on the photos! Venezia

“A well-ordered life is like climbing a tower; the view halfway up is better than the view from the base, and it steadily becomes finer as the horizon expands.”
William Lyon Phelps

“I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs;

A palace and a prison on each hand.”
Lord Byron

“This was Venice, the flattering and suspect beauty - this city, half fairy tale and half tourist trap, in whose insalubrious air the arts once rankly and voluptuously blossomed, where composers have been inspired to lulling tones of somniferous eroticism."

Venice was built in a lagoon,

a special place of power,
where culture, history, energy lines,
and geographic paths meet fortuitously.

The Venetians have always loved & celebrated this place.
Her fairy constructions
are their lovely thoughts made visible.

Arriving in Venice, even today,
we see her famous tilting towers.
Their marshy bases love to sink uneven,
seeming to swirl
like slow motion wands
casting spells among the clouds.

What towers have you built
that have danced
and warped
with time?

Would you trade them for
a pyramid?

For a server farm?
A warehouse store?

Would you trade your dear whimsy
for a strait cinder block shelter?

I much prefer
your folly,

I like your tiles
and crenelations;
I love the colors
and texture
of your

A L O H A! Cloudia