Friday, September 4, 2009

I Love Liliha

A L O H A Greetings!
Welcome to Honolulu's neighborhood of
click on photos to visitThe "I" is a poi pounder, the heart is an anthurum flower.
The Hawaiians of old divided the land into pie-shaped sections called
These ran from the peak of the mountain, broadening out as they reached the coast.
Thus the local village people would have access to the produce of the forests, the plain, and sea.
The Liliha / Nuuanu corridor is one of my favorite such neighborhoods in our Honolulu, embracing Honolulu Harbor, Chinatown, working class commercial and residential Liliha Street itself, and the foothills of Nuuanu.
The histories of the Hawaiians, the pre-statehood Chinese, Japanese, and Americans, all live richly in this area that contains the Royal Mausoleum (sacred burial place of Hawaii's Monarchs) legendary Kunawai healing spring & pond, Kuakini (formerly "The Japanese") Hospital, which was the first such hospital supported by Japan's emperor, as well as Hawaii's oldest lychee tree.
24 hour Liliha Bakery is a beacon to the whole island, and her coco puffs pastries are the stuff of legend. Further along Kuakini Street, a well used cinder block, neighborhood, Chinese Temple is right across the street from a Japanese Buddhist Temple & School, all just a few doors down from the Pizza Hut. Did I mention the four consulates?The Area is named for this lady: Liliha, Governor of Oahu under Kamehameha.
(It was her father, Hoopili, who created the Royal Mausoleum)
When his forces landed on Oahu at Waikiki, Kamehameha fought the local warriors all the way up into this valley.
The famous Battle of the Nuuanu Pali saw the local defenders spill over the cliff (or Pali) rather than surrender. To this day, the Pali Highway carries a supernatural aura that is felt by drivers, particularly at night. Do NOT carry pork over the highway either, but that's a whole other (ghost) story ;-]

Saturday's I Love Liliha Town Festival
opened with a traditional Lion Dance
at Kawananakoa Park.
Abigail Kawananakoa is the descendant of Hawaiian royalty, and would have a clear claim to the (overthrown) crown of the Kingdom of Hawaii.
She has spent recent years acquiring dispersed royal possessions and gifting them to the Iolani Palace.
There was a controversy a few years back, when a national magazine photographed the lady sitting on the throne. A fine man named James Bartels, who had dedicated his life to the heroic restoration of the palace, left his job in the resulting ruckus.
Mz. Kawananakoa has used her considerable personal wealth in aid of the Hawaiian patrimony and people - especially in recent years. Most recently she purchased one of Liliuo's golden bracelets, a very early example of the Hawaiian heirloom jewelry
worn by local women to this day, me included.
Mr. Bartels has since passed, but will never be forgotten for his unique contribution to the restoration of the pride of Hawaii.
One cannot pass by the palace, let alone enter it, without feeling
the undeniable presence of so many loyal hearts!

Boy Scout Troop 201 paraded the colors as we sang:
"Hawaii Pono`i" and the "Star Spangled Banner."
Listen to Hawaii's anthem here:

Yummy Shave Ice!

We love our "grinds."
That means "Kau Kau" or "food" to you. It also means to "EAT."
You like go grind aftahs?
If you are in a western US state, you may have eaten at an "L&L Hawaiian Barbecue." The first L&L in the chain was a humble "plate lunch" place right here on Liliha Street. Saimin, one of our foremost local comfort foods, was also invented here. You can read about saimin at:

The world's greatest civic band was there too!
Established 1836 by a King, and playing a unique repertoire of Monarchy era marches, Hawaiian music, western classics, Okinawan songs and MORE!
Can you tell how much I love the Royal Hawaiian Band?
They are a WHOLE other post!

Listen to my favourite "Kalakaua March" here:

Leader, Mr. Nakasone (Pearl City High School's beloved former band teacher) conducting outside as usual.
They march in parades too!
Note the proprietary aloha print.

There was an exhibition of Kung Fu by the youngsters.

"I do not fear the 10,000 kicks you have practiced once, I fear the 1 kick you have practiced 10,000 times."
Shaolin saying

Our kids are special!

"Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man." Rabindranath Tagore
"You are worried about seeing him spend his early years in doing nothing. What! Is it nothing to be happy? Nothing to skip, play, and run around all day long? Never in his life will he be so busy again."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile, 1762

We also love our Kupuna (seniors)
and PETS!

"A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails." Donna Roberts

Liliha Bakery:
Jim Bartels:

Iolani Palace:
Liliuokalani's Bracelet, A Video Report:

Mahalo for your visit today! Cloudia