Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Morn

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No Charge
"There are moments of calm even at my busy beach.
Weekday mid-mornings remind me of the Waikiki of the 1950's."
Ted Trimmer Photo & Quote

From Kualoa, on Oahu's Windward Side,
you can see Mokapu (above).

"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast."
Oscar Wilde

It is a peninsula now utilized by Kaneohe Bay
Marine Corps Airstation.
(Next stop Afganistan. Kaneohe marines are in the thick of it.)
Locals call Mokapu "The Turtle."

Kapu means "set apart" "Sacred" "keep out."
A Mo`o (Moe-Oh) is a mythical Hawaiian creature akin to a dragon.
They are reported to be very wise and powerful.
Perhaps a "Mo`o Kapu" lived at this place of power.

"Breakfast time is better than any other moment of the day.
No dust has settled on one's mind then, and it presents
a clear mirror to the rays of things."
George Elliot,
Adam Bede

He has the same facial expression as the Sphinx!

"No man knows until he has suffered from the night
how sweet and dear to his heart and eye the morning can be."
Bram Stoker,

Friends, in the spirit of supreme Saturday laziness,
I leave you with this:

"There is really nothing you must be
And there is nothing you must do
There is really nothing you must have
And there is nothing you must know.
There is really nothing you must become.
It helps to understand that fire burns,and when it rains,
the earth gets wet . . .
What's good about today is the willingness to open our minds and hearts."
Robert Fulghum,

(Author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.)

In Honor of the New Year:
(moderate your volume- loud!)

Fondly, A L O H A !