Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to Become

A L O H A!

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"Our pain doesn't come from the love we weren't given in the past, but from the love we ourselves aren't giving in the present. Salvation is only found in the present. Every moment we have the chance to change our past and our future by reprograming the present."

"We create what we defend against."

"We chose the patterns, however mistakenly, and He will not force us to give them up."
All quotes today: Mariane Williamson

Even though I lived through it, it still amazes me how completely my life has changed.

I find it breathtaking even now, how completely daily experiences mirror habitual thoughts. Shakespeare wrote that "Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so." I have learned though hard experiment that this is merely a statement of bare fact.

Make no mistake.
It takes fearless commitment to face our thought habits.
They appear so self-evident, so obvious, that we never even notice them - they are the air we breathe: invisible.
We never stop to realize that there are alternative ways to respond to any situation. We keep responding the same way, over and over again, proclaiming: "That's just the way I am" all the while forgetting that it's just the way we've always been (up to now) as we keep hoping for a better outcome from our same in-put. "This time will be different," we tell oursleves, but somehow it never is.

Repeating nice affirmations will not help, if your gut is smirking and dis-affirming each one. We can not butt heads with habit. It's head is much, much harder. We must disrupt it's power through the unexpected. To change our energy, our responses, disguises us, and ultimately forges a new intentional identity.
Out of such mysterious change a space is created, where new growth can bring forth shoots. Soon it becomes beautifully clear how we daily experience pretty much what we expect to. You begin to comprehend the subtle cause & effect between your attitude, behavior and the world you inhabit. Change yourself, change the world. Think of the power in this! Expecially as more and more of us liberate ourselves from the "same old thing."

It turns out that people really do know subconsciously how you think and feel about them. We "read" each other all day long. Victims will find willing victimizers unerringly. This graciously presents each with the very opportunities each one needs to work through these issues along the way, and to make other choices. Once we thus come to become ourselves more deeply, we no longer require such lessons, and somehow they cease to show up in our life.

Seeing and being newness,
in ourselves and in our lives,
is the only way to change positively.

And don't forget that change is inevitable.

I have come to enjoy focusing on the daily bounty.
To me the inevitability of change, or endings, only makes today the more exhilarating and glittering. I no longer waste time fearing future, or lamenting the past. Either is a waste of time, a sacrilege in the face of glories too oft obscured by such unworthy considerations.

Attitudes and lives can change - just ask me: a former anxious depressive hanging on day to day. But a dragon guards this treasure's way. He holds a mirror, and only the courage to see yourself, and to grow, will get you past the fear.

A L O H A Friends, Cloudia