Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Remarkable Cherif

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"Whether you think you can - or you can't- you are right."
Henry Ford

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"We always find what we are looking for."
Psychological Principle

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Did you ever want to go out into the desert and study with all the contemplative monks in their isolated cells?
To stand upon the power spots of the pyramids
and temples of Egypt?
To read ancient wisdom books at the Vatican in their original words, and to speak many languages?
How would you like to develop so much insight and behavioral prowess that you travel the world as a gifted medical intuitive?

Well, on Saturday I met remarkable young man who has done all of those things; Meet Cherif.

Cherif spoke to a small group about discovering our true desire, about acting with inner conviction, and about achieving that desire "as if you are racing there on rails."

Some of Cherif's Wisdom:

"Without self confidence you will never see the way,"
he told us.
"The key is knowing yourself, and having such intimacy with wisdom, that you trust & understand that guidance will always be there when needed."
"If we keep sending present energy into the past and future,
it turns into poison in our lives."
"Gratitude is power."
"Once you judge someone or something, you are stuck with the experiences that grow out of that judgement."

"We too often navigate from our experiences - we need to change our minds to change our experiences.
We find just what we expect to."
"Our emotion is the fuel
that makes our thoughts come to pass."
"Nonresistance frees your energy."
(Don't resist - follow your desire somewhere different.)
"Be patient - be happy."
"Don't analyze - accept and move forward."
"Grace cancels karma, translating you to a place
where you live on divine substance."

Yes, Cherif gave us many tools for changing our lives,
but some seemed dissappointed that it wasn't magic, instant, or something that he would do for us.

Instead he shared what he has learned so far on his remarkable spiritual journey.

Why is it that we seldom want to take the very steps that will take us where it is we say that we want to go?

I have learned that following my bliss sometimes leads (paradoxically) through unsought challenges. I have come to almost enjoy, not fear, such envelope-pushing.

Sometimes a dragon guards the treasure we desire.
Staying in our comfort zone will not get us to the prize.

Cherif has discovered some great truths and lives happily with them. What are YOUR great truths?
Do they serve or hinder you?
Just remember that the Comfort Spiral is here for you,
an oasis on the way out of exile. . .

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