Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spice in the Stew

ALOHA, Friend!

Welcome to Wednesday in Waikiki

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Sometimes it is the "flaw" that brings beauty.

“The absence of flaw in beauty is itself a flaw.”

Havelock Ellis


"Touch the sky, look the sun straight
in the eye and laugh."

Linda Ellerbee

Well hello there!

"You have made known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence."
Psalms 16: 11.

The taste of our food
is one of the basic joys of life.
But what is this "taste?"
The tongue can distinguish only:
Saltiness, Sweetness, Bitterness, Sourness, and
what the Japanese call: Umami
a word describing the Pungent, Savory, Tangy or Meaty.

Quite a crude palate from which to represent
that parade in our mouths called:
"A fine meal."

Most of us know that much of illusive flavor
comes from scents.
Magical scents!
Our sense of smell is a very poor cousin
to the highly developed olfactories of our animal friends
but without it, our lives would be much, much poorer.

Just like music, scents can transport us to other times and places;
Think of the smell of pumpkin pie - or the perfume worn
by a feared or beloved teacher decades ago.
Even here in perennially Summery Hawaii,
I can close my eyes
and smell the Fall leaves burning
with just a hint of frost in the air.
In fact I've smelled them while reading some of your blogs!

Scientists called Flavorists
can discern, and recreate the volatile chemical signatures of scent/flavors
from nature and also from the test tube.
The foods we eat are much more complex than most of us wish to know!

Sometimes the search for a crucial ingredient can discover the key molecule
present only levels of "parts/per/billion."

This got me thinking.
America is called a "Melting Pot,"
though many prefer to call it a Salad.
Nonetheless, it is the individual ingredients
that make up the very Flavor of a family, neighborhood, city, country-
our whole world.

Often we lament our very smallness;
What can I accomplish in this vast meal of life?
Perhaps you are not the main ingredient,
the lamb in the lamb stew,
or the business person in this money-driven banquet
of our post-modern world.

But just perhaps
you & I
are essential ingredients
in the aroma emanating from life's kitchen!

Without our parts-per-billion existence
something essential would be lacking;
The meal might be abundant,
yet lacking that magical Something
that makes of it
a Heavenly Banquet.

Thank YOU for joining our
Blog Salad today!

It wouldn't taste the same
Y O U!