Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vroom Vroom


Welcome Back to Waikiki

click on this photo to smell the surf and the flowers
"Old age is like climbing a mountain.
The higher you get,
the more tired and breathless you become,
but your view
becomes much more expansive."

Ingmar Bergman

Of course, we don't spend EVERYday at da beach! Don't be silly. There are lots of other activities to spend our time on. Those of you who have read my little Hawaii novel
Aloha Where You Like Go? (available on amazon - just click on the picture at the foot of this blog) know that I'm a bit fond of motorcycles and the folks who ride them.

When I was small, lying in bed at night, certain sounds tantalized and taunted me with intimations of a whole World Out There that I couldn't wait to discover:

Trains and their whistles, rustling in the bushes, singing winds accompanied by creaking tree limbs and choruses of dancing dried leaves. . . and the BRAPPP and roar of a Harley off in the distance. Sounds travel far at night, and those sounds accompany me still across decades, miles, oceans and ages. Those sounds still seduce me. . .

It has been a while since the women's motorcycle club that I helped to start drifted apart. I really wanna tell you all about that sometime. But today I'm gonna try and present you a video collage of yesterday's preparations for the annual Toys For Tots Run here in Waikiki.

For those of you who don't know, T4T is a program of the US Marines whereby they collect new toys to distribute to needy children. The bikers always come through with some great toys, after all, folks who love motorcycles well understand the importance of toys.

So without further ado (cross your fingers) let's go see us some bikers!

ALOHA, cloudia