Monday, December 28, 2009

Square Midnight

Aloha, Dear Friend!

Welcome Back to Waikiki

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“Dreams are real as long as they last.
Can we say more of life?”

Havelock Ellis

“Dreams are illustrations...
from the book your soul is writing about you.”

Marsha Norman

“Every artist writes his own autobiography.”

Havelock Ellis


How have you been?
I hope the holidays,
and the Winter,
have been treating you kindly.

The president
has been working out at the gym
at the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base
every morning.
On Christmas day
he and Michelle
spent time on the base
talking with
our service members.

Everyone seems excited
that the President and his family
are here on the island with us.

the girls stopped for shave ice
right next door to my friend's business!

Everyone has been asked
not to photograph the girls
when they are out by themselves
so I can't show you how much fun
they had sharing shave ice with me.

This the the longest
that Comfort Spiral has gone without
daily updates.

My mind seems to be musing
and refuses to generate
worthy daily posts for now.

But I want you to know
that you are in my thoughts,
that Comfort Spiral
WILL resume daily posting,
and that I am wishing you
a peaceful and reflective
Year's End.

Bless You, Friend!

Warm ALOHA, cloudia