Friday, January 22, 2010

Roo on da Beach

"Pleasure is spread through the earth
In stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find."
-William Wordsworth, 1806

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"Be a fountain,
not a drain."
Rex Hudler


"Beginning today
treat everyone you meet
as if they will be dead by midnight.
Extend them all the care,
kindness, and understanding
you can muster.
Your life will never be the same again."
Og Mandino


Ah, Friday.
Don't we love it!
They say that the "eagle flies on Friday"
the eagle on the US Dollar, that is:
Pay Day!

What does your pay consist of?

In many ways, we are raised to equate our value with money.
Our legal systems certainly compensate high earners
above home makers and artists
in any law suit;
Just my bad luck to be both at once!

"All men (humans) are created equal."
That's what our constitution says.
So why are a few humans considered to be worth
or even billions,
when hard working people
are valued at a few thousand dollars?

Why can some,
who have way more than "enough"
play ego games with wealth on a page,
while others lack basic dignity?

Are children then worth nothing?
Wait, that's right:
Many states are cutting basic services to children
right now:
medical, educational, school buses, lunches, programs.
That will teach them!

But before I get too gloomy,
let's remember that `twas ever thus.
It's an ongoing climb up the hill of truth;
Of simple justice.

But certain people come along
who show the nakedness,
the poverty, if you will,
of our usual thinking.

Sometimes the light in our heart goes on
and we know with a warm confidence
that God is love,
and all the material world but our theatrical props,
even if we have the freedom to act badly.

One standing with love, in what is right,
is a majority.
Don't ever forget that.
You and I are already wealthy beyond measure.
All the world's gold
cannot buy a drop of the sun's golden energy.

Standing here, sitting here,
right NOW,
you breathe, and move, and have your singular
There is no other YOU.

No one else can touch the lives
and make the choices
that come your singular way.

So spread the wealth.
You and me.
And our pets;
most important to recognize THEIR singular value
in our lives.

Speak up for what is right.
Do what you can.

Be a humble winner,
frolic like Miss Roo on your own beach:
snow covered field, or city street-scape.

You ARE a winner.

I hope coming here is one small reward,
because I value this relationship that we have.

ALOHA, cloudia