Thursday, February 18, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle


Aloha Thursday




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Hello, Heron

“Dreams are real as long as they last.

Can we say more of life?”

Havelock Ellis

This is a stinging centipede that someone has "neutralized."
The head is to the right, and has serious fangs.
Their sting is painful and can even be lethal!

"When the power of love

overcomes the love of power

the world will know peace."

Jimi Hendrix


"All this is comfort!

Wherefore weep I then?"



Have you been watching the Olympics?

The Canadian hosts have been doing an outstanding job,
despite the weather.
Watching Bilodeau, Heil, Robertson,
and Groves
win medals
has been inspiring!

And wasn't the honored participation
of the First Nations
as Hosts, and as Dignitaries
colossally righteous?

I find expression of our national identities
and cultures
to be a wonderfully enriching aspect of our shared humanity.
I know something of the nations represented
and celebrate their struggles, glories, and uniqueness
with affection.

Loving our own land
needn't indicate a lack of respect
for the rights and riches
of others.

When our US national anthem plays
I always feel deep emotion.

I think of my grandparents
who came to the New World
as young children
escaping persecution
and limitation.

I thinks of my parents,
the first generation born in America,
of my Dad,
the WWII veteran.

I think of this grand experiment
that a nation
of the people
and for the people
can endure
as a beacon to the world.

Our national shortcomings,
and mistakes
(and every country has made them)
are but the price of our struggling humanity.
God grant that we make amends for them
and grow forward together.

I have noticed something
about our National Anthem
this time around,

When I hear it
part of me
just wants to cry.

We are so disunited,
here in these United States.
We can't seem to work together

Instead of shared purpose
we shred into virulent

We are unable
to take even common sense
And we are in such a perilous time!

Half our country
would rather see our President fail,
with all this entails for our nation,
in order to be proved somehow

So when I hear the
Star Spangled Banner
these days part of me cries.

Not because I hate our nation,
but for the exactly opposite reason.

I pray that we remember
all that we have in common,

and cease to reach for reasons
to demonize each other.

Long may we wave!

ALOHA, cloudia