Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Day

Aloha, Friend!
It's Thursday in

One of the most achingly lovely songs of all time:

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Honolulu's Aloha Tower,
one-time site of the comings and goings of passenger ships.
You can almost hear the Royal Hawaiian Band playing, smell the lei for sale, and see the splashing children as they dive for coins tossed by the passengers - even today.
As your departing ship passed Waikiki, it was custom to throw your flower lei into the swells. If it floated towards the verdant shore you could expect to return once more to these magic isles.

Ganesh arrived safely!

"Best be yourself
imperial, plain
and true!"

Elizabeth Barret Browning

Which green would YOU choose?

"Show me a man who claims he is objective
and I'll show you
a man with illusions."

Henry R. Luce


On yesterday's post,
friend Dinesh Chandra left me this comment:

"Hi good pictures great blog to read, great post
how r u, say something about u.
dinesh chandra"

So today I want to say something personal,
something about me.

I been crying in my car today.
This morning I drove out of Honolulu,
up the Pali,
over the Ko`olau Mountains
to the
windward side
of Oahu.

The mists arose from the forested hills.
Hawaiian music played on my radio.
On this day I would accomplish many
every-day tasks.

And I would do them with the help
of people I love,
on an Island I love.

My eyes filled with tears
for all the good
that pours down on me

Overcome with gratitude,
eyes filled with beauty,
a heart bursting with Aloha,
I drove and drank
in the treasures of the day.

My blog was off making friends.
When I got home
I marveled at this
you & I have discovered.

Today I cried in my car.
Cried for joy,
cried my thanks.

That's something about
me, Dinesh.

And I thank you
most sincerely
for spending some of your precious
here with me.

Bless You!