Monday, April 12, 2010

Clearing da Banyan

Aloha, Friend!

A Ted Trimmer Photo

"Ask not what tomorrow may bring,
but count as blessing

every day that fate allows you."

Horace 64 B.C.

Ted caught this great shot of a box fish too.

"Perhaps more people would give heed
unto the word of the Lord
if the Lord had a funny blog."

in a Robert Mankoff cartoon,
in the New Yorker

This one's mine :)

"What difference does it make
how much you have?
What you don't have amounts to much more."


Sounds a little depressing at first,
but is liberating when you think about it...


And here's a video I took of the dauntless yard men of Waikiki
clearing out a giant banyan tree.

The dramatic tension is provided by a fellow who,
upon seeing that I was filming,
stood in the frame and waited.

I could have screamed!
"Act normally, keep going!"
Ah, the life of a blogger...

Bye Now! cloudia