Monday, June 14, 2010

Odds & Ends

Aloha, You :)

click amongst the clouds (pics)
"The only valuable thing
is intuition."


"Things that are a little past their prime
can be fetching in the right light."

Mark Norseth

(In-joke. My birthday is this week :)

"I remember my parents sacrificing for us,
pouring everything they had into us,
being there for us,
encouraging us to reach for a life
they never knew."

Michelle Obama

(Hmmm, how will Fox/Faux News paint this in an ugly light?)

"In Hawaii we greet friends, loved ones,
or strangers
with Aloha,
which means with love...
try meeting or leaving people with
and you will be surprised by their reactions.
I believe it,
and it is my creed.
Aloha to You."

Excerpt from the calling card of
Duke Kahanamoku


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