Thursday, August 12, 2010

Peace, Porpoises & Well Being

What will today hold for our harbor neighborhood?

Some excitement ahead. Crime scene?

LOST has packed up, but LOOK!
The New Hawaii 5-O is filming on this classic turf.

The principles are certainly cute.
(Close-up courtesy of Cloudia-Razzi)

All the buzz is about how really good
the episodes are screening-out.

Everyone included in the production
(and that includes every Honolulu resident :)
is very excited!

CBS, Monday Evenings, Launching in September.

Look for me, eh?


We'll never enjoy Peace, Poise & Well-Being

As long as we postpone it

as something to be enjoyed in the future-

After graduation,

After the work week,

After this just One More Thing,

After retirement. . .

As Elvis sang: "It's now or never."

"Be here now." Answers Ram Dass.

Because Now is all there is.

And if you Are

Peace, Poise &

Well Met

then the future loses it's sting.

All fall's into place as it enters the present,

Our Home Field!

Aloha, cloudia