Friday, August 20, 2010

Waikiki Weekend


These are the hot & hazy days here in Honolulu.

Temperatures politely approach 90f
but the even more considerate Trade Winds
our impossibly blue skies,
cinematic clouds,
and the resort atmosphere,
make it all
O K.

our blogging pal Friko
posted a brilliant meditation
that really spoke to my heart.


This isle is so full
of a number of things
that I'm sure we all should be
as kings!

This weekend:
Dukes Ocean Fest will honor the 120th anniversary of the birth of our
Olympic champ, Father of Surfing, Ambassador of Aloha:
Duke Kahanamoku.

Festival Site

There is to be a day long block party in my dear Chinatown;

The much anticipated book launch of

The Value of Hawaii
is scheduled for Sunday, August 22nd, 3-5 pm
@ Native Books, Ward Warehouse

Free and open to the public

more here.

Of course I need some quality time buzzing around
on my motorbike!

A COSPLAY (costume play) gathering
in the full daylight of Sand Island Beach
is imposing an irresistible pull on my camera.

And all of YOUR tasty blog posts entice!

Ah! August Weekend!

Such a lovely phrase. . .

Duke Kahanamoku, second from left.


"In Hawaii we greet friends, loved ones,
or strangers
with Aloha,
which means with love...
try meeting or leaving people with
and you will be surprised by their reactions.
I believe it,
and it is my creed.
Aloha to You."

Excerpt from the calling card of
Duke Kahanamoku

Aloha to YOU! cloudia