Friday, September 10, 2010

Dancing Under Diamond Head

Aloha & Thank YOU for visiting today!

How did the future appear to you
when you were young?

What did you want to become?

Did you expect to be the sort
that they raise statues to honor?

Is your life today the life you foresaw?

John Lennon famously said that "Life is what happens,
while you are busy making other plans."

(Sort of: "Man proposes, God disposes.")

I think he was talking about more
than life's mere uncertainty,
and our smallness in the face of that. . .

This week,
I have had to do lot's of stuff
that prevented me from doing
the "important" stuff
that I wanted to do.
(Like visit more of your blogs!)

But I'm beginning to understand that whatever comes up
(even when it seemingly detracts and distracts)
always remains a gift.
THE gift.

The unplanned grants us insight and experience
that fills a deeper need;

Freeing us from our stale selves,

giving us what we didn't even know that we needed!

Zen masters knew all about this.


Life is such a queer, dear dance.

At Bon season here in Hawaii
we dance with the generations,
young & old inviting those passed
to be with us again for a special time.

If you click on the song,
and then watch the video slide show as it plays,
You may feel deep emotion as you
muse on the puzzle of life, our plans,
and our relationships.

I did.

Couldn't WAIT to share this with YOU

Come Dance-

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