Monday, October 25, 2010



The Beach is Waiting. . . .

Come Relax a While

They say we all have halos,
 energetic emanations
that can even be photographed
 & measured.

We carry each our "cloud"
creating the weather
of our mutual society.
Some "skies" make you feel

Some bring along a thunderhead
and everyone feels the pressure change.

cumulus castles
surround the emotionally successful.

Some families are living spectacles of beauty,
ever evolving sun-sets of love's splendor.

Crenelated creations of wisdom
hover above certain mature couples;
Which is not to say
a tiny lightning flash
doesn't lantern the flank
of their fortuitous formation
now and then.

What weather do you bring
before ever you open your mouth?

Glad you bring it here
as you wander the world wide web
        free as any floating cloud!   cloudia