Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hawaii 5-O Actor James MacArthur Dead

He originated the role of Danno
on the classic Hawaii 5-O

His Mom was the famous actress Helen Hayes

"Actors cannot choose the manner in which they are born.
 Consequently, it is the one gesture in their lives
 completely devoid of self-consciousness."

Helen Hayes 

"I got into the acting business very young."

James MacArthur 

"Beating the drums for Hawaii is not hard to do...
 the place just grows on you."

James MacArthur


"Age is not important unless you're a cheese."

Helen Hayes 

Scott Caan, today's Danno

"Childhood is a short season."

 "There are five stages in the life of an actor:
 Who's Mary Astor?
 Get me Mary Astor.
 Get me a Mary Astor Type.
 Get me a young Mary Astor.
 Who's Mary Astor?"

 "When I see the road I've taken,
 I have to say that thanks to good luck,
 because without good luck one can do nothing,
 I've come out pretty well."

James MacArthur 

Aloha, James

I Am Become. . .

and Welcome to Waikiki!

“I think theres a little child in all of us
 and we all to often forget
 to let the child out to play.”
 Donna A. Favors 

Watching a Shadow-Show on da Wall

"To them, I said,
 the truth would be literally nothing
 but the shadows of the images
upon that wall."


Between classes: Manoa Elementary School

"Human felicity is produced
 not as much by great pieces of good fortune
 that seldom happen
 as by little advantages
 that occur every day."

Benjamin Franklin 



A thousand little hammers
(mallets really)
tap tap tapping
rarely pausing, tap,
tap, tap tap. . .

I would build of myself
something solid
something three-dimensional
but each tiny (some bigger)
tap tap
only works me out thinner.

I am losing stolidity
finer and finer
reaching an ever-thinner edge
with tiny cracks forming
like feelers
transmitting both ways.

No longer a wall,
an island,
or exposed nerve,
 I now am resonant 
trembling with immediacy
received from every side.

I have produced no
no bracelet, no

But am become
as a
 cymbal sounding,
 echoing certain vibrations

Yet I am earth-brass,
gold flesh hung on an axis,
sometimes spinning
smashing wildly-

When I am
      "worked."  cloudia

inspired by the brass workers of India

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