Sunday, January 30, 2011

Doritos Fishing

Welcome to Sunday Jump-Ups!

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Fishermen working for Frito-Lay go out at dawn.
 Here we see them returning to port with the huge Mother-Doritos
 that are processed into the snack you know.

 Each "mother" yields 12 dozen cases of Doritos.
Some are kept in huge tanks for research and breeding purposes.  A water show was attempted years ago,
 but these gentle giants don't put on much of a show - except when they are spawning!
 Sailors of old described their wonder at oceans churning with orange triangle babies under a full moon.
  Careful conservation
 keeps the breed from the endangered list. 
 Man could never produce such a tasty treat in a
 mere laboratory!

Rat Fink is quietly retired
in Waikiki. Here

The children of Diamond Head Elementary School
play `neith the emerald slopes of their school's
name sake.

Let's you and I sit by the pool awhile.

"Hold out your hands
And ask for health and happiness
For all those you have met and love
Letting the message be carried away
On a gentle prairie breeze."

"Out on the Prarie Blog"

I brought some GAU from Chinatown for us.
Happy New Year - Gung Hee Fat Choy

Just gotta call about this deal first!


Good Luck in the  
Year of the Golden Rabbit!


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