Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Little Light Light

Means 'Love' & 'Welcome'

“When you arise in the morning,

 give thanks for the morning light,

 for your life and strength.

 Give thanks for your food,

 and the joy of living.

 If you see no reason for giving thanks, 

the fault lies with yourself.”

 Shawnee Chief 

"The young one knows the rules,
but the older on knows
 the exceptions."

Oliver Wendell Holmes

"To the world you may be just one person, 

but to one person

 you may be the world.”

 Brandi Snyder 


We never know
most of the bullets
that miss us.

They go far over our heads.
Like the time we left home
a few minutes "late"
and so missed our appointment
with an
or even with death.

Because you & I are still
we have probably had
some close scrapes.

Perhaps you are remembering
one such now.

Do you feel 'joy in being alive?'

You're welcome :-)  !

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