Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rote Mesmerization

Aloha Friend-

"E komo mai.

Nou ka hale"
Is a Traditional Hawaiian Greeting
Inviting You to
"Come inside, the house is yours!"

"When one experiences truth,

 the madness of finding fault with others


Bent, Broken, But Unbowed

"Every blade of grass has its angel
 that bends over it
and whispers,
'Grow, grow.' "
The Talmud

"I often think that the night
 is more alive and more richly colored
 than the day. "

Vincent Van Gogh


Meanwhile, on the Big Island, Madame Pele - the volcano goddess-is putting on quite a show!
Leaping 60 feet in the air. . . pouring glowing lava down newly opened fissures in the earth:

Thanks for visiting today,  cloudia