Saturday, April 30, 2011

How To Add Music to a You Tube Video

A l o h a ! 

Let's learn how
to add music
to your You Tube videos!

Music really enhances your videos.
Especially if you make a lot of slide shows
like I do.

click to enlarge!

 In the upper right side, after you've signed in,
you will see your name. (As above)
1) Click on the arrow by your name
and select 'My Videos.' You will see the
screen shown above.

2)Select the one you want
and click 'Edit' to it's immediate right side
as shown above.

 You will be taken to  the screen above. 
(click on the photo to enlarge)
1) "I'm Feeling Lucky"
2) search & choose a song that appeals to you,
then click on it to highlight. 

3)Then click on 'Preview' under your video as above.

4) If you like it, just click 'Publish.'

OR you can click 'Cancel' and try another song.

It's EASY! 

Now: Your Turn.

           Are you going to TRY it? Tell us in 'comments.' cloudia