Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thanks for the Problems

Aloha, Friend!

"You must give birth to your images.
They are the future waiting to be born ...
Fear not the strangeness you feel.
The future must enter you long before it happens ...
Just wait for the birth ... for the hour of clarity."

Rainer Maria Rilke

"A mountain is composed of tiny grains of earth.
The ocean is made up of tiny drops of water.
Even so, life is but an endless series of little details, actions, speeches, and thoughts." 

"A Jacaranda tree stands tall, and sways as if to say,
Look! At this magnificence, I’m wearing blue today.
forgive the way I shout aloud, my lack of modesty,
but nowhere in this troubled world is finery like me."
Ann Beard
<°)}}><                         ><}}(°>
Thank you, God
For the problems

of a healthy,


person. . .