Saturday, May 7, 2011

What is a "GO Bag?"

Aloha, Dear Friend!

A Rabbit

“The other day when I was walking through the woods,

I saw a rabbit standing in front of a candle

making shadows of people on a tree.”


 Stephen Wright

There he goes! (Nice tail)

"Humor can get in
under the door
while seriousness
is still fumbling at the handle."

G.K. Chesterton

Did you see that?

"Diseases of the soul are more numerous 
and dangerous
than those of the body."


Just another day. . . in Waikiki.  (Glad Y O U stopped by :-)

"Perfect order
is the forerunner
of perfect horror."

Carlos Fuentes


Three times this year,
a tsunami warning,
my boat taking on water at 3:30 am,
We have had to decide what's important.

What do you grab?
Valuables, monetary & sentimental.
Pets. Medications. Papers.
In the case of the tsunami,
you want to take food and simple
"neccessities" that may be in short supply
for some time, if the 'big one' hits.
After what happened in Japan. . .

(and believe me, Hawaii people
are close to the Japanese.
Every day here there is a fundraiser,
or another story
heartrending in it's pain
of what our friends and family
are enduring there.

Hawaii people have contributed
upwards of 3 million USDollars!
And many of us are over there helping.)
. . .So after a disaster like that,
or the flooding in the continental US,
one is grateful for dear normalcy
even if this is the normalcy:

What is your security blanket?

Do you have a "Go Bag" with simple necessities
ready to grab and go?

Believe me, it's better to think before an emergency hits.

Personally, much less is now "necessary."

What do I actually need to be happy?

Our blogs are preserved "on the cloud"
Personal information and pictures
can all be stored there too,
courtesy of Google, Mozy and others.

I'm realizing that, beyond simple health, 
food, shelter, loved ones,
there is little  that is irreplaceable;

After all,
we shall lose "everything" eventually anyway.
You can't take it with you, right?

For me, this means that more of my security
comes from within,
from skills, and from hard won self-confidence too.

My "locus of control" has moved more inside myself
than outside.  That's a good feeling.

My husband marvels that I can give a REIKI treatment
with no equipment, just my hands.

I can provide comfort, pain relief and connection.

As long as I have a heart to think of those around me
I will not sink into despair.

Together we as a whole world are re-evaluating:
"What is necessary? What is truly desirable?"

I think we are finding exciting new answers
to those questions;
Answers that are actually quite old.

"Love one another." "Do unto others."
"True wealth is not material." 

I'm actually quite hopeful, this Arab Spring.

A million minds changed, 
and a thousand-year Berlin Wall fell.

What walls of separation will fall next? 

What is the world changing it's mind about?

blogger, and blog reader,
are part of it!

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