Friday, June 24, 2011

We Are Friends

Aloha Friends!

" The sun, the earth,
love, friends,
our very breath
are parts of the banquet. "

Rebecca H. Davis

" Our most profound lessons
are sometimes learned
amid life's most difficult experiences.
There's a journey of the soul
that parallels
the pain in tragedy. "

Tom Corwin

" That it will never come again
Is what makes life so sweet. "
Emily Dickinson
                                                   > < } } ( ° >

Dear Bloggy Friends;

There are computer issues afoot

that may keep me away from 


for a small period of time.

Should I be absent,

please don't think that it is by choice.


are an important part of my daily life,

both creating & sharing with YOU,

and following YOUR adventures.

This is quite a wonderful thing we've got going here,

and I'm already experiencing separation anxieties!

Please don't forget about me.

As I remain, YOUr  friend Cloudia


Bless    Y O U,

and thanks for EVERYTHING!