Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Proud Puppy

 Thank YOU For Visiting Virtual Waikiki

" I'm the BEST! "

" The purpose of life

 is a life of purpose. "

Robert Byrne

" It's all in the teeth, heh heh. "

" There is only one success –

to be able to spend your life

 in your own way. "

 Christopher Morley

" A Good Shake - DELIGHT! "

“A soldier will fight long and hard

 for a bit of colored ribbon.”

 Napoleon Bonaparte 

" Life is GOOD! "

" Life is what we make it,

always has been,

 always will be. "

Grandma Moses

  > < } } ( ° >

Each of YOU who visits here
really means a lot to me. 

sometimes it blows my mind,
 but the blogging community has taught me,
 nurtured me.
We share grief and joy -
Yours & mine. 

 We truly are friends in the best sense of that word;
 and we return to "real life" loved ones and communities
 enriched, empowered and with a larger vision.

 Thank YOU for showing me the world beyond my island!