Friday, December 16, 2011

Up the Rainbow Stair

A L O H A !
Ocean Shores by New Age on Grooveshark 

picture-click for tiny revelations
Find the stair
to the rainbow-

Up there
is a grand, light-filled
  whose pillars 
are giant trees

That room is filled 
with the languages
and voices
of all the world

Her dome a filigree
of light and white

There is also timely season 
of  night,
to relieve the sight-

Else how could there be
windows seen in heaven

openings and gates
of light & love 

that some never
learn of

Note the Oahu weather map on the TV through the reflection. Click on this one for sure.
Through which to thread
the rainbow stairway

Rainbow fairway
gaily painted
as a clown-

happy  frown !

Thank YOU
for riding here
on your pixel steed;
To leave a comment
is divine
                    indeed!   Warmly, cloudia