Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adelle's Resonance

 A  L  O  H  A !

Whither  the voyage?
 “What the caterpillar calls 
the end of the world, 
the master calls
a butterfly.”

 Richard Bach

 needs a 'click' to bloom
" A kind soul knows:
is just preoccupied
with distraction. "

Mike Dolan,

 Oh Click on THIS one!
Over the Moon
" Be still
and cool
in thine own mind 
and spirit. "

George Fox 

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My thoughts 
on what is SO great
about Adele's  
Rolling in the Deep

It's powerful, controlled and has a rhythm
that matches the inexorable acceleration
many of us feel in these precarious times.

Is that unique to our time?
Or has every generation 
felt the miles roll by like this?
Stop the world!
I Want to get off!

this triumph of art, 
of voice, of identity
and control
heartens us, strengthens us,
reconnecting us to our own

In Rolling
we seem to ride the whirlwind
in a way that does our generation proud.
We've been knocked about,
but we are still singing, 
still STRONG!

No one knows
where the maelstrom will ultimately take us,
but we go in style! 

Throw in the human drama 
of Adelle losing, then regaining
her voice,
and you have a complete emblem
of regeneration,
of hope itself.

(see the video below :-)

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