Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Funnies

A  L   O  H   A  !

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Friends meet in Waikiki

Graces Three
(& a helper in the back)

Girl Scouts? We don't need no Girl Scouts!

Yes, it was a nice Sunday;
Hope yours was too!

                        Fondly, cloudia

My Secret - The REAL X-Factor

A   L   O   H   A  !

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" -when you are Black
White People often don't see
they look right through you,
at the dark & scary face
that lurks in the open windows
of their vivid
imaginations. "

Leonard Pitts Jr.

" The more theatrical
the story you hear
and the more it divides
the world into
"Goodies" vs. "Baddies,"
the less reliable
that story
is going to be. "

Felix Salmon

" There are no hopeless situations;
There are only those
 who have grown
about them. "

Claire Boothe Luce

" It is one of the most beautiful compensations
of this life,
that no one can sincerely
try to help another
without helping
himself. "

Ralph Waldo Emerson

 >< } } ( ° >

For a few years
 I had the privilege
of facilitating an after-school group
for at risk kids.

If they could feel some belonging,
some caring,
and get some basic information
about protecting themselves
it would all be for the good.

I knew that the activities,
and the food I brought,
didn't matter as much
as being there 
every time,
on time.

In time
the kids blossomed.

When they were home sick,
or skipping class,
they would sneak INTO school
to attend!

In time
they started to talk
about real stuff.
We got beyond
 High School posturing.

 my boss wanted me to write
a 'curriculum'
so we could share
what was evidently

I knew that I could write
everything we did,
but what we did
was not the essence of it.

The secret began
when each kid 
entered the room.

I smiled at them
[a big smile]
to show them
that seeing them
made me HAPPY.

They saw that they
and in at least one place
they were always celebrated.

It couldn't be artificial.
That smile,
and the heart behind it
had to be

How could I write

One time
I met with a school principal (a PhD)
and a psychologist
to conference on one of my kids.

After we talked for a while,
the kid was sent in.

Realizing in that moment
that 3 adults
were sitting in a row

I jumped up 
to take her hand
and pulled up a chair
to sit beside her
FACING the authorities

we accomplished
what had to be done.

Later the Principal told me:
"You are the consummate youth worker!"

on a bad day
when I wonder where all my
I think back on the kids.

No one got AIDS,
though several were subsistence
sex workers.

They ALL Graduated High School.

Several went on to college!

One of the 'kids'
is now an on-line editor
for People Magazine!

The real X-Factor
is treating people
( sincerely
and simply )
as if you are
to see them!

And here's the strange
and wonderful part:

In time
you WILL be happy
to see every person.

They will feel it.
And so will you.


Your life will change.

And You will be
[even more of]
an influence

What do YOU think?
Join us in comments

                              Warmly, cloudia


A L O H A!

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