Thursday, August 2, 2012

Connoisseur of Decline,

A  L  O  H  A !

" All in all,
 I would not have
this century 
for the world.  "

Gore Vidal

" As societies grow decadent, 
the language grows decadent,
Words are used to 
 not to illuminate, 
action: you liberate a city 
by destroying it. 
Words are to confuse, 
so that at election time 
people will solemnly vote 
against their own 
interests. "
Gore Vidal

" I never miss a chance 
to have sex 
or appear
 on television. "
Gore Vidal

Common Waxbill
" Many writers 
who choose to be 
active in the world 
 lose not virtue 
but time, 
and that


without which 
cannot be made.  "

Gore Vidal

DickDaniels (

 " One is sorry 
one could not have taken
 both branches
 of the road. 
But we were not allotted 
multiple selves.  "

Gore Vidal

Thank YOU
for looking in!

                            Warmly, Cloudia

" There is no human problem
which could not be solved
if people would simply do
as I advise. "
Gore Vidal