Monday, September 30, 2013

P a r h e l i o n

A  L  O  H  A,   F  R  I  E  N  D!
My Girl by The Temptations on Grooveshark
" Never

 lose an opportunity

 of seeing anything 


for beauty 

is God's 

handwriting. "

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

" We should read 

to give our souls a

chance to luxuriate. "

 Henry Miller

" Tremendous beauty

 can be found in 

the tiniest of things... 

for who has 

ever thought 

to rival that 

of a butterfly's wing? "

 K. D'Angelo

" Literature and butterflies
 are the two sweetest
 known to man. "

Vladimir Nabokov 

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                           Warmly, cloudia


eViL pOp TaRt said...

A spectacular rainbow managed to poke through! Beautiful, and a sign of hope.

the walking man said...

"Literature and butterflies
are the two sweetest
known to man. "

Dang all this time I thought it was money and power. Glad to know i was finally wrong about something.{;-[p}

Charles Gramlich said...

I sure need to pay more attention to the beauty around me and less to the people who are mucking it up.

Willow said...

I think I would have loved to have had coffee with Emerson .

Akelamalu said...

Oh the bird and the butterfly as so beautiful!

Adam said...

nice Emerson quote

Anonymous said...

Love the birdie's bright red shoes! And the flower-fly provides beauty even on it's flight. DrumMajor

Ash said...

Gorgeous images and words. Yours is definitely one of my favourite blogs!

TexWisGirl said...

love the d'angelo quote. so true.

Karen S. said...

Now I have to hear that tune! Secretly I enjoy getting lost in Henry Miller's writing!

Brian Miller said...

nice...i like beauty as gods hand writing....
lovely pics...
aloha from va

Myrna R. said...

The pics and quotes make me breathe deeply. Thanks for the beauty you share.

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling!
Love butterflies :)


Cloudia said...

You are a butterflys delighting me!

Thanks for playing here:-)


Kay said...

Oh wow! I loved the rainbow, of course, but especially the fallen shower flower. It really looks just like a butterfly.

Big Sky Heidi said...

Love that Emerson quote and the butterfly!

Elephant's Child said...

ANOTHER stunning rainbow. Thank you - and I hope it brightens your day as it has mine.

Rick said...

Can you imagine the world if people took time to see the beauty around them instead of what everyone else had.

Simply lovely.

Aloha, Cloudia !

Linda said...

A really beautiful and inspiring post, Cloudia.

Sandy Carlson said...

I love to luxuriate in your blog. What a beautiful post.

Cloudia said...

Thanks, Friends!

christopher said...

'for beauty is God's handwriting'...wonderful words worth quoting.

And of course 'beauty is in the I of the beholder.'

ladyfi said...

How very gorgeous!

magiceye said...

:) Peace

Namaste /\ from Mumbai

Hattie said...


Small Kucing said...

We should read

to give our souls a

chance to luxuriate

I agree with that 100%.....

rupam sarma said...

Lovely post :)

Cloudia said...

Thanks so much :-)