Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Warhol's Lizards We

A  L  O  H  A !

" I'm not a teacher: 

only a fellow-traveller

 of whom 

you asked the way. "

 George Bernard Shaw 

" Why one man 
rather than another?
 It was odd. -

- You find yourself involved
 with a fellow
 for life -

- just because he was 
the one that you met 
when you were nineteen. "
 Simone De Beauvoir 

“One should either

 be a work of art,

or wear a work of art.” 

 Oscar Wilde 

" I really believe
 there are things
 nobody would see
 if I didn't
 photograph them. "

Diane Arbus 

Ah, Chameleon days! 
We all change coloration, 
emotional shading,
many times in a day, 
a life,
as we try to blend 
with others,
with the environment.

Protective coloration,
Flamboyant display,
I've done it all.
But sometimes,
as short as a glympse,
or over a lifetime:
let your flag fly!

Show Your True Colors.
Those who matter
will smile,or salute!

                       Warmly, Your Friend cloudia