Saturday, July 20, 2013

Higher View

A L O H A !
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" The one who views the world at fifty
 the same as he did at twenty 
has wasted thirty years 
of his life.  "

Muhammad Ali

"Creativity comes from trust. 
Trust your instincts."

 Rita Mae Brown

" One may understand the cosmos,
 but never the ego;
 the self is more distant 
than any star. "

G.K. Chesterton, 
"The Logic of Elfland,"
 Orthodoxy, 1908

" If you resist reading 
what you disagree with,
 how will you ever acquire 
deeper insights into 
what you believe? 

 The things most worth reading 
are precisely those 
that challenge our convictions.  "

Author Unknown

" It is only when we silent
 the blaring sounds of our daily existence
 that we can finally hear
 the whispers of truth
 that life reveals to us, 
as it stands knocking 
on the doorsteps of our hearts.  "

K.T. Jong

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