Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Good Vs Evil

"The limits of my language 
are the limits 
of my world” 

Ludwig Wittgenstein

"Nothing is Good or Bad; 
But thinking 
makes it so."

" To know one's self
is wisdom,
but to know one's
is genius."

Minna Antrim

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A crucial Life Skill today is:
Tolerance for Ambiguity.

Remember when there was
A Right Way
to do things?

Greater cultural awareness;
and using computers, 
has brought us into a reality
where different ways
can accomplish a task.

Awareness and thinking
are now as important
(to ourselves, our families,
our societies)
as habit.

I believe that it is important
to avoid Good v Bad thinking,
lest I become one of those
who detect evil everywhere
except their own conflicts
and subconscious biases. 

Once you deny a person
their innate complex humanity,
to say nothing of a precious
individual soul,
somebody is going to
get hurt.

Lovely to see YOU again
my Friend!

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