Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Whales Are Here!

Whale Mom & Calf Video

Our whale friends
are in Hawaiian waters

Their numbers
are increasing,
but they still need
our protection.

What are they
telling / teaching

>< } } (°>
whales are NOT fish

Thank You
for swimming by-
              Fondly, cloudia

Resolutions For OTHERS

A  L  O  H  A !
Our Private Beach

“ There is no 
human problem 
which could not
be solved 
if people would 
simply do 
as I advise.”
              Gore Vidal

 Learn some wise

Click photo to meet them

" More of us 
need to realize 
that the 
person before you
is a unique individual, 
not a neat label
 or category to
fit your narrative. "



I'm kicking out the jams!

Breaking my rules
and telling Others
What To Do.

[Don't worry,
you, my friends,
are already 99%

are tres annoying
to those of us
who DO know most,
yet behave
kind & cool
to others.

If Socrates could say
"I wander about 
in unending perplexity-"

And Einstein:
“A true genius 
admits that he/she 
knows nothing.” 

Who are we to swagger?

The greatest folk
I have met
have been kind
and humble!

(  )

I'm SO glad
WE met!
Seeing the genius
in You
has broadened
my life

Thanks for 
and for 
emboldening me
to shoot my mouth off
            Fondly, cloudia