Friday, March 13, 2015

White Sails

A  L  O  H  A   from   Honolulu!
 "A healthy old fellow, 
who is not a fool,
 is the happiest 
creature living."
                  Gerald Brenan

" My delight and thy delight 
 like two angels white, "
                                  Robert Bridges 


Hope You
sail through
a lovely
                        Warmly, cloudia

Walking Realms

A  L  O  H  A  !
[Not endorsement, or conversion; 
Just a version. . .  of the Tale]
In the Space
where Human
and Nature kiss. . .

Figures emerge 
who seem to lead us 
to a better way of being,
a realer Reality.

" When the disciples saw Him 
walking on the sea, 
they were terrified, 
and said, "It is a ghost!"" 
Matthew 14:25-26
" We ourselves
 must walk the path."  

" What worries you 
masters you. "

We each need to face down this guy!
That which demonizes
and terrorizes each
of us

"The ability to be joyous,
 by discerning the good
 and joyous within 
every experience,
 is a biblical command!"
                              Bal Shem Tov

"For with joy shall you go out."
Isaiah 55:12

As we follow our path 
pointed ahead,
the Teaching and 
the Teacher reveal
in different hues & ways
that best suited
to You

Like Dorothy, 
we return to the realm
of the Normal. But
 it is not normal
as it was.

Now it's normal as
It Is.

The Pure Realm

0n Every Side
of Birth.


Thank You
for walking 
                       Fondly, cloudia