Monday, October 5, 2020

Mind's Own Place

 A   L   O   H   A !

"Years Ago"

One day I met a maiden 

with honey-colored hair

There never was a maiden 

so beautiful somewhere.

          Jimmie Rodgers

The timeless in you 

is aware of life's 


Kahlil Gibran

Guides come when 

you're ready to listen; 

no eBay or Amazon link 

will fetch them. 

You need to invite, 

not pursue.

    Helen S. Rosenau

Honolulu Mayor is 
persona no grata at
shuttered bars.

The hotel bar was 

quiet and dark, with 

the kind of mood that 

promotes good talk 

and serious drinking.

 George R.R. Martin

The mind is 

its own place, and 

in itself can make 

a heaven of hell, 

a hell of heaven.

   John Milton


Love You,
                   Cloudia & Pixie

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