Friday, March 5, 2021

Fly Kolea

 A  L  O  H  A  
                 From Honolulu!
The greatest weapon

against stress is our

ability to choose one

thought over another.

  William James

Sometimes the most
ordinary things could
be made extraordinary,
simply by doing them
with the right people.
            Elizabeth Green

               And Looking UP 
                       Once in a while!

Feelings are real.
They often become one’s
reality. But they are not
always based on truth.
                  Jesikah Sundin

There is no personal charm

so great as the charm of a

cheerful temperament.

                    Henry Van Dyke

"The Kōlea, Pacific Golden Plover, is a migratory bird that comes to Hawai‘i from Siberia and Alaska at the end of August and leaves for its trip across the north Pacific in late-April to early-May.

The bird’s Hawaiian name, Kōlea, is a phonetic imitation of the sound of its flight call.  One olelo no‘eau (Hawaiian proverb) states ‘Ai no ke kolea a momona hoi i Kahiki!’ (The Kōlea eats until he is fat, and then returns to the land from which he came.)

Unlike many birds capable of trans-oceanic migrations, Kōlea can neither soar nor glide; and, they can’t swim.

When Kōlea fly between Hawai‘i and Alaska, they will continuously beat their wings twice per second for about fifty hours over some 2,500 miles of open ocean—one of the most grueling non-stop migrations in the avian world." Peter T. Young Link

There's a great big 

beautiful world out there,

just waiting to open 

and flower again.

Savor the nectar

that this day brings!


We Love You,

         Pixie & Cloudia

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