Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Into Which We Were Born

A L O H A From Honolulu!

The longer I live
the more beautiful
life becomes.
               Frank Lloyd Wright

I feel as if
I'm always on the
verge of waking up.
  Fernando Pessoa

Know that you are
the perfect age.-

- Each year is special
and precious, for
you shall only
live it once.
   Louise Hay

It's never the differences
between people that
surprise us. It's the
things that, against all odds,
we have in common.
     Jodi Picoult

Red Crested Cardinal

A proper lunch
should be spiritually
as well as physically
nourishing. Cozy, convivial,
a treat; lunch is
for loafers.
  Tom Hodgkinson

Do not grow old,
no matter how long you live.
Never cease to stand
like curious children
before the great mystery
into which we were born.

Love You,
 Pixie & Cloudia