Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Beach Path

A L O H A From Honolulu!

A path is a 

prior interpretation of 

the best way to 

traverse a landscape.

Rebecca Solnit

There are no wrong turns, 

only unexpected paths.

   Mark Nepo

You plant before you harvest. 

You sow in tears 

before you reap joy.

Ralph Ransom

Even saw a HONU
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle
[ Not in shot ]

Last time we got together, was over a year ago, 

in the thick of the pandemic. 

Masks donned at home, only

 touched or taken off there too. 

AFTER washing hands. 

We walked nervously then, 


if we were far enough apart, 

if the breeze was quick enough to

 blow contagion away! 

It was a panicked time of no Hawaii-

 style hugs. Now we are both 

fully vaccinated my friend, 

still cautious but relieved.

We ride together, but windows down.  

You are in a new home. So much to share. 

We go to a secluded beach. 

And talk. And Be Together. 

Beginning of a new chapter.

Take the path

that leads to nowhere.

It's the most fun.
Teresa Mummert

Love You - Good Luck,

Cloudia & Pixie

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