Tuesday, June 16, 2020


A   L   O   H   A  !

You must not for one instant 

give up the effort to build new lives 

for yourselves. Creativity means to 

push open the heavy, groaning 

doorway to life. 

     Daisaku Ikeda

The world is full of people 

who have never, 

since childhood, 

met an open doorway 

with an open mind. 

E. B. White

 O passing angel, 

speed me with a 

song, a melody of heaven 

to reach my heart and 

rouse me to the race 

and make me strong.     

Christina Georgina Rossetti

- without being seen, 

they are present with you.   
St. Francis de Sales

The Shower Tree

is a Flower Tree.

Bunches of Oriental Lanterns

hanging, swaying, 

lit by the sun.

(Or Moonlight)

This is the 

Rainbow Variety,

Honolulu's official tree.

Angels come to us 

         James Russell Lowell

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