Monday, June 21, 2021

Heart Simply

 A L O H A From Honolulu!

Canna Indica "Indian Shot"

"Slavery shall, under no circumstances whatever, be tolerated in the Hawaiian Islands: whenever a slave shall enter Hawaiian territory he shall be free; no person who imports a slave, or slaves, into the King's dominions shall ever enjoy any civil or political rights in this realm; but involuntary servitude for the punishment of crime is allowable according to law."
Article 12 of Hawaiian Kingdom Constitution 1852

Mo`ili`ili    Mural Detail
Tree In Three (Dimensions) Bah! (Bas) Relief!

There's no mastery to be had. 

You love the attempt. -

-You don't master a story 

any more than you master a river. -

Mo`ili`ili is a neighborhood in Honolulu Link

-You feel lucky 

to canoe down it.

  Garrison Keillor

Chances for being quiet

 nowadays are limited.

John Graves


Love You - Good Luck,

                Pixie & Cloudia

Thank YOU
for enjoying the music
in the silences
with us

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