Sunday, June 7, 2020


A   L   O   H   A  !
We act as though 

comfort and luxury were 

the chief requirements of life, 

when all that we need 

to make us happy is 

something to be 

enthusiastic about.

    Charles Kingsley

We learn simply by 

the exposure of living. 

Much that passes for 

education is not education 

at all but ritual. The fact is 

that we are being educated 

when we know it least.

David P. Gardner

Doing what you love 

is the cornerstone of 

having abundance 

in your life. 

     Wayne Dyer

How people treat you 

is their karma; 

how you react 

is yours. 

   Wayne Dyer

I’m very pleased 

to be here. 

Let’s face it, 

at my age 

I’m very pleased 

to be anywhere.

     George Burns   


Love You,
            Pixie & cloudia